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SHEshisa (loosely translated as ‘Accelerate’) is a 6-month, sector agnostic accelerator programme designed to support female founders in and around Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. SHEshisa Accelerator has been carefully designed to provide a pro-active and safe learning space for female founders to innovate, adopt technology, enhance business skills and confidence and create new connections. Join our first cohort! The 2024 cohort will be considered the founding cohort of SHEshisa – the first, the trailblazers and foundation of the the future of the SHEshisa!

SHEshisa addresses THREE pillars of female founder support:​

SHEshisa runs over 6 months and develop cross-cutting skills required for the New Economy (an economy that is producing, or intensely using, innovative or new technologies, and is a largely service-based economy with an increase in entrepreneurship and gig-based employment). The curriculum is inspired by the four broad categories defined by the World Economic Forum’s Future of Work report: ​

Problem Solving | Self-Management | Working with People | Technology Use & Development

Ensuring the curriculum is relevant to South African context is paramount. The curriculum will be a blend of internally developed modules and modules developed by Regenesys.
SHEshisa emphasizes learning-through-doing to ensure that learnings are applied to the businesses and that there is measurable business development.

The learning framework will include:

  • Written Content
  • Live Training Content
  • Pre-training Preparation Content
  • Case Studies (relevant to the specific module)
  • Individual & Group Tasks
  • Practical Application of Business Tools
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Call for Partners

Partner with Innovate Durban to fuel SHESHISA 

To ensure the overall success of the programme, we invite prospective partners to come on board and sponsor specific facets of the DIVA (Diverse Investment-Readiness Vital Assistance) Pack. Partnering with organizations or individuals to sponsor these essential components will enhance the reach and impact of the programme, fostering an environ- ment where female founders can fully engage in and successfully com- plete the SHEshisa programme.

How you can Partner with us

Programme Co-Sponsors
These are partners that come on board with a financial commitment to co-fund the overall programme budget.
Content Developers & Curators
These partners are specialists in the curation and development of investment-readiness content particularly for technology start-ups that ready to scale.
Female Mentors
These are partners that come on board with a These are seasoned founders and professionals who are subject matter experts who can mentor and provide subject matter technical guidance to the beneficiaries.
Offtake Funders
Funders (Public, VC, Angel Investors, or DFIs) committing to investing in the business growth plans and scaling activities of the beneficiaries post the investment-readiness programme.
DIVA Pack Partners
Partners who commit to providing financial/non-financial support to ensure the DIVA Pack (co-working office space, a con- nectivity/WIFI device, an administrative intern, and access to a peer wellness support group) is in place.
Friends of The Programme
Non-financial collaborators pledging to be advocates for SHEshisa, actively promoting and securing backing for the programme within their circles of influence and networks.


Nontokozo Phungula: Programme Coordinator

Email: info@innovate.durban | Tel: 087 365 3131