Capacity Building &

skills development

Innovate Durban runs Design Thinking Workshops and offers training programmes through the Innovation Co-Lab. It is also possible to customise programmes and capacity building to suit your organisation’s needs.

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    Future Skills, Digital Literacy Workshops

    Innovate Durban is committed to improving capacity building around critical and Future Skills, including the introduction of new technologies (including robotics and drone pilot and mechanics training). Data Science (data analytics) is a scarce skill that will also be offered. 

    Through the Innovation Co-Lab; the programme offerings will include a number of future and digital skills namely; Digital Literacy, Coding, and app development that will be offered within the community as well as extended to the external private sector as a revenue stream. 

    achievements [2017 - 2020]

    908 people trained in critical skills

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    Design thinking workshops

    Design Thinking is a powerful and critical tool for innovation and collaboration. It is a process for creative problem solving with a user-centric approach. Innovate Durban has already run successful Design Thinking workshops across government, academia and private sector and will introduce this offering across schools and tertiary institutions. We offer customised Design Thinking Workshops and Sprints – contact us for more information.

    Click here to see Design Thinking Brochure