About Us

Hydra Power Pty Ltd, is a patented renewable energy system that utilizes building harvested wasted water to generate electrical energy. This harvested water is in turn recycled for alternative purposes, such as the flushing of toilets, gardening, washing of cars or for human consumption with specialized machinery attached.

Who are we?

Benefits and savings

Hydra Power systems generate electrical energy from wasted water. Energy generated can be used in periods of blackouts, load shedding or for the cost savvy individual. This is an alternative to candles and torches and helps alleviates the symptoms of load shedding.

Our systems light up a series of LEDs that provide a spectrum of adequate lighting to keep production levels going in businesses and homes.

This harvested wasted water can be upcycled into the building toilet systems saving the individual/s or business/s on their monthly water and electricity bills.

For large buildings, it is now mandatory to comply with new legislation on reducing their carbon footprint/s. Our system assists these buildings by being able to stay active and to generate energy throughout the year, in turn reducing the carbon emissions.

Contact us to find out on how you can save on your electricity and water bill; ensuring you keep your lights on during load-shedding

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118 Middlemiss Crescent,
Westville 3629
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