Innovate Durban is a non-profit company aimed at stimulating innovation within the Durban region. Its focus is to support and promote innovation by creating platforms that will build and develop the innovation ecosystem in Durban.
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Markus Krenzer

The Hierarchy of Clicks

BELIEVE it or not but the internet – that global network of information and communication that virtually rules our lives – already reflects the social hierarchy of society. For a start, you will always find the naive beginner on Facebook or social media who we...

Markus Krenzer

Can ICT mediate the Momentum conundrum?

The recent Momentum (By the way MMI is the holding group of Momentum) spate over a claim non-payment has thought-provokingly elevated the conflict between a regulatory framework and a moral human response. The story briefly is that a client, Nathan Ganas took a Life Policy...

Markus Krenzer

What’s in it for me?

There is a human nature which I simultaneously understand and feel repulsed by. This is the notion of “What’s in for me.” This is a value proposition that one reflexively asks regardless of which side of the supply chain one sits,  whether supplier or consumer....

Innovate Durban

The Chalice that is Opportunity

Arthur Bloch relates "Every solution breeds new problems." Every product - especially the one that you are either busy inventing or improving will, throughout its lifecycle, introduce new problems. Off course, it may be that the problem is an opportunity that is immediately solvable. It...

Innovate Durban

What is Yakha Sakhe Kasi Innovation?

Yakha Sakhe is an innovation programme engaging youth from various townships of eThekwini. The programme works with a group of 15 young catalysts by ways of immersing these fervent men and women across a range of fields such as science, urban design, leadership, entrepreneurship, systems...

Innovate Durban

When One Door Opens

I arrived at the beautiful building that houses Innovate Durban, at the spectacular  Port of Durban, for my meeting and brief from the pleasant CEO Aurelia Albert. It was a somewhat inauspicious entrance as I made a few rather fruitless efforts to pull the door...