Innovate Durban is a non-profit company aimed at stimulating innovation within the Durban region. Its focus is to support and promote innovation by creating platforms that will build and develop the innovation ecosystem in Durban.
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Innovate DurbanBlog The day to day activity of the Youth Innovation Challenge

The day to day activity of the Youth Innovation Challenge


The Youth Innovation Challenge is an annual programme of Innovate Durban, held in partnership with various organisations. The purpose of the Innovation Challenge is to create a platform for innovation to thrive in eThekwini by empowering the citizens – particularly the youth – to become innovative in their communities and in business.


In 2019 we are focusing on the intended Integrated Rapid Transport Network led by the eThekwini Transport Authority and GO! Durban. The objective of Youth Innovation Challenge this year is to give the youth of Durban and surrounding areas an opportunity and platform to come up with practical innovative solutions to potential problems and find compelling value propositions for new businesses surrounding the project.


To aid participants in developing their solutions, a number of different workshops are run over a week long solution development process, which include a number of different topics, such as Design Thinking, Technical Solution Development, Business Plan Development and pitching training.


Workshop 1: Design Thinking


Workshop 2: Exposure Opportunity 



Workshop 3: Technical Development Solutions 



Workshop 4: Business Plan Development



Workshop 5: Pitching Den