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Innovate DurbanBlog What is Yakha Sakhe Kasi Innovation?

What is Yakha Sakhe Kasi Innovation?

Yakha Sakhe is an innovation programme engaging youth from various townships of eThekwini. The programme works with a group of 15 young catalysts by ways of immersing these fervent men and women across a range of fields such as science, urban design, leadership, entrepreneurship, systems mapping, design thinking and media amongst other fields that are driving the future of our world.

The programme dispels the notion of the so-called expert or the teacher as the custodian of knowledge, it rather etches and draws on novel methods of consuming knowledge in a personalised manner whilst working in groups. Yakha Sakhe is speculative in the sense that it is not prescriptive and avoids the ”tried and tested” method, well, because the future will outplay the solutions of today. So Yakha Sakhe is pretty much the safe space to speculate ways that we might influence that change.

Equally important for the programme is that it places responsibility in the hands of the individual, so to say, ”the individual ought to act first instead of expecting others to act”. It can also be understood to mean, ”you should build, in order for the rest of us to build”. Therefore urging black youth to invent their own solutions for their contexts instead of expert solutions being imposed onto communities.

Author: Russel Hlongwane